How do I give a "Ride on" on the PC in workout mode?

I typically use Zwift on the PC in workout mode. I often get "Ride on"s in a session and would like to know how to return the favor. I can hit F3 to shout back, but is there any way for me to give another rider a proper “Ride on” during a workout?

Hi Gavin!

Right now the only way to give another user a Ride On while in workout mode is through the Zwift Mobile Link app, available on Android and iOS. After pairing and logging in, navigate to the Riders Nearby page, select the rider in question, and press the Ride On button.


When will you add the feature to give “Ride On’s” via PC?

Giving Ride Ons on a PC has been possible since the start, just click on the name on Riders Nearby and click on the thumb to the left.

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