Mobile Link easier 'Ride on'

Hi, as an Apple TV user giving tide ons with the remote is nigh on impossible.

Using ZML works, but I have to click into each rider profile on a constantly shuffling ‘nearby’ list to hit the thumb.

Any chance you could add a thumb beside rider names on ZML, like you have on the main game screen. It’d make group rides with the ATV app much easier.



What is ZML?

Giving Ride Ons while riding is best done from the Companion app, especially if you’re using an Apple TV. Once you zoom in to a certain degree not the Companion app map, you’ll see a circle around your position. If you tap/select that circle, you can give out up to 5 Ride Ons simultaneously to the nearest 5 riders. It takes approximately 10s to recharge.

The other option on the Companion app is to select a rider dot. After which, the username will appear along with the ability to give a Ride On directly to that rider.

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Sorry - Zwift Mobile Link. Thanks for the tip - I wasn’t aware of that option

The name has been changed to the Zwift Companion App

It would be great to have a possibility quickly give rideon back to a rider who just shouted it, instead of trying to search him in long riders list in companion

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But you need to remember that all Ride On! are not given while the person is in game, I most of mine while sitting at work or at home on the couch. I think this might be the reasoning why there is no Ride On! echo feature at the moment. Maybe there could be a feature where if the person was in game you could echo the Ride On! back to them and it would be disabled for the ones not Zwifting at the moment.

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I agree that the ride on feature leaves much to be desired on the Apple TV. For instance, if someone in your nearby riders list gets a pr or finishes a workout, a ride on thumb pops up alongside their name. I assume that on a pc you can click that thumb to issue a ride on. But on the Apple TV there isn’t a thing you can do with it. I spent a frustrating amount of time trying before giving up. That thumb should be disabled on the Apple TV.

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I echo this entirely. Using the companion app on an iphone 6 and trying to fiddle about into individual profiles is so frustrating i end up not giving any Ride Ons. The group Ride On option is disabled on group rides so unless you are set up with wireless keyboard and mouse etc, its very difficult.

If the intention is to increase the social aspect, then please make it easier to encourage fellow riders. A wee thumb icon next to the riders names in the list of zwifters in the companion app would be ideal.


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My request might be a little new…

While sitting at work or something, I will get a message on my phone that so-and-so started Zwifting. I always wish I can give them a Ride On when I see that. To me, giving a ride-on when the giver isn’t Zwifting is like “I can’t join you right now, friend, but have a great ride!”.

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