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As a relatively new ATV user I am wonder if there is a way to spectate or give a ride on.

Riding with the pace partners and getting a ride on, but not being able to return it… you feel like putting “I Can’t Give Ride Ons” at the end of your name.

If it is possible lmk, if not I wish there would be sometime soon.

Also spectating the front group of a 100 mile ride seems to help pass time.

To give a ride on you just swipe up on the remote to get the menu bar up and the click on the thumbs up

That makes the “ride on” sound, but doesn’t actually give a Ride On.

On ATV during a ride your options are limited. In a free ride (not an event) you can press on the circle around your location on the map in Zwift Companion to give four or five Ride Ons to those immediately around you. Or you can go to the tab showing Zwifters nearby you and individually press on them and select Ride On.


You can just press the play button on the Apple TV remote to give ride on.

Repeating what Steve already wrote above:

When someone receives an actual Ride On directed at them, their drop-accumulation rate goes up for a short time and the Ride On gets recorded in their ride.
Just making the sound is… just making the sound.

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Ah right I never knew this thanks for letting me know

Pressing the play button on the remote activates the power up. Or will it give a ride on if you don’t have an available power up?

I’ve just tested it on an Apple TV 4K with the physical Siri Remote and then the built in Apple Remote widget on an iPhone.
Can confirm that the play button only activates PowerUps. When there are no PowerUps held, the button does nothing. @Andrew_Lloyd_T2.5_D 's post above is incorrect.

To give someone a Ride On with Apple TV, it is currently necessary to have the Companion app, as described in post #2 of this thread. The confusion is of course caused by Zwift assigning the same name to two different aspects of its ‘game’, but zwifters need to learn the difference, too.