Apple tv ride ons

(Robert Horrocks) #1

When I press the ride on button , what does it actually do? Is it a general “ride on” to everyone or the nearest rider or what ? Am I wrong in thinking there is no way to "ride on " to a specific person ?
I am aware it is possible on the companion app and PC.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #2

On the apple tv there is no way to give a ride on to any other riders. The “ride on” button in the tool window just makes your rider say “ride on”. The only way to issue a ride on to another rider while using the apple tv is through the companion app.

(Lin Alan) #3

Ah… I too always wondered what the “Ride On” pop-up menu button did. TV is muted and I always ride listening to music via earbuds. No wonder I never figured it out.

(Robert Horrocks) #4

Thanks Aaron , it makes me feel guilty not returning “ride ons” but now I know I can’t reply I feel a bit better .