Ride On - Apple TV & companion app

For those that use AppleTV and Zwift Companion app.
How do you know who to whom you are giving the “Ride On?”
Right now I just push the little [thumbs up] on the app when I see a name pop up in front of on the screen me over a rider. However, I have no idea if that is right or if anyone at all is receiving the “Ride On.”

If you’re tapping on the thumbs up icon in the action bar at the bottom of the map window then you’re not using a thumbs up to anyone, you’re just making your guy say “ride-on”.

With the appletv, you can only issue ride-ons through the companion app. To issue a ride-on you can tap your arrow icon on the map to give a ride-on to up to 5 nearest riders (within about a second of your position). You can also tap on their dot on the map to bring up their profile and then hit the ride-on button there. Finally, you can go to the nearby zwifters window and tap in their name to bring up their profile and hit ride-on there.

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In my experience this isn’t an option during races, so pretty much no one is getting a Ride On from me because I’m too busy breathing out my ■■■■!


Agreed. It’s too much effort to give many ride-ons using an apple tv.

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