Ride ins not working

I can’t give ride ons or access the menu bar where they are.

Two ways to give ride-ons:

  1. In the Companion app, tap the white circle in the middle of the map and it will give a ride on to up to 5 nearby riders.

  2. In the game, click or tap on a rider’s name in the riders-nearby list and then click or tap on the thumbs up icon next to their name.

The thumbs-up icon in the action bar (maybe what you are referring to?) doesn’t give a ride on. It just causes your avatar to shout “ride on” without actually giving a ride on.

If you share more details about how you’re trying to do it, or post a screen shot, I might be able to help more.

Same here for the past week (or close to it). Used to be able to use the circle in the companion app but it is not there anymore. Just a orange direction arrow with a faint gray outline of the circle that used to be there…Using Apple TV and iPhone and have deleted and re-downloaded apps on both devices…

That issue might be explained here…

Thank you! That did the trick!

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