iOS ride ons

Having issues giving ride ons in game on iOS. Thumbs up appears but disappears when pressed and no ride on given. Try repeatedly but not sure it works. Unclear what the white outline is on the thumbs up icon. Relevant? Anyone else with this issue? Latest release 1.39 Ios16.

The thumbs up icon doesn’t give a ride on. Try hitting the white circle around your position on the map.

EDIT: sorry I should have asked if you are hitting the thumbs-up in the game or in the Companion app.

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I was trying to do so in the game app. Where you select the rider and tap the thumbs up icon. It seems buggy now and not sure it’s working properly. Will try to restart my phone to see if that works for next ride.

The rider list is buggy with 1.39. Some crazy scrolling going on.

" Fixed an issue that was causing the Zwifters Nearby list to scroll unexpectedly while viewing other Zwifters and made the Ride On button inaccessible."

So best to wait for 1.40 which has started a slow rollout now.

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Thanks. Looks like that’s it.