No "Thumbs up" displayed when someone gives me a 'Ride On'


For the past week I have noticed my avatar does not show any Ride On Thumbs Up while I am riding.

For example, the last ride I did this morning I received 29 Ride Ons but I did not see any of those in the form of a ‘Thumbs Up’ while I was in the event. (I know I received 29 Ride Ons since I viewed my ride on Zwift)

Is there some setting I have switched off by accident?

Does anyone else have this issue. It seems to have started from the last update.

Oh, by the way, I can see others receiving a ‘Thumbs Up’, but never see mine.


What is your set up? If you are using Apple TV you should always force quit the app, and the Companion app if you’re using that, each time you finish using Zwift.


I’m not using Apple TV.

My Macbook Air talks to my Wahoo Kickr via Bluetooth. I do use the Companion app so I can see a mini map and use the messaging. I also use the Companion App to give a Thumbs Up to riders on the course.

Try at least force quitting the companion app before each ride and see if that solves the issue. If not, my only other thought would be to delete Zwift and do a fresh download.


You mean a fresh download on my Macbook Air?

I’d try the force-quit of the Companion app first, but if that doesn’t work the only other option I can think of would be to delete and reload Zwift on your MacBook.

This issue gets talked about on the forum with some frequency, so you may want to search around a bit. Or maybe someone will chime in with another option.

I have noticed it sometimes happens on my rides since the last update. Shows many more ride ons than what displayed on screen when i look after completing ride.
Also notice that sometimes when I give a ride on it does not show the thumb above the rider as I am riding just behind them so should see it.
Not a big deal for me but just wanted to let you


I recon something happened in the last update. There should be a new update soon so I might wait for that before reinstalling Zwift.

I am pleased to report my Thumbs Up is back to normal after today’s ride.

Thanks for your help everyone.