Bug: Visual/UI bug - disembodied floating red "ride on" thumbs

New bug for me today (or one I haven’t noticed before). In the ride pens of a group event (ziwft fondo) in Watopia, when you got a ride on the thumbs up was displayed against the rider list even though the rider list wasn’t present as a UI element when in the pens, leading to disembodied floating red thumbs

If it makes any difference, I’m on ipad, latest version of iPadOS and latest version of Zwift 1.32.0 (106182)

(Ignore masking of rider names for anonymisation, and zoom to show/highlight issue more clearly, can provide raw screenshot if needed)

Old as the hills this one, as long as I’ve been subscribed at least (4.5 years).

OK thanks Dave. Has it even been acknowledge as a known issue? I did a search and couldn’t find anything, but its often hard to know exactly what phrase to search for to describe the issue

Highly unlikely. Just one of those things everyone puts up with.

Are you able to confirm if this is known to zwift and plans to fix please @James_Zwift @DavidP ? As above, it seems like this bug may have been around 4.5 years or more (!)