Graphical glitches in group rides

While livestreaming the “Specialized Canada Coffee Ride” I kept running into a graphics glitch over and over again, and I’m guessing it has to do with the outlines around our avatars. My audience was nice enough to clip them for me, and apparently I can’t attach URL’s from my twitch livestream, but I’ll hold onto them if a tech person wants me to e-mail them the URL.

In both cases black squares suddenly start flashing around avatars with outlines. The first is just one of the ride leaders, the second is around the ride leader then around my avatar as well.

I absolutely hate putting things like this on forums, but hey this is the only way to do it apparently.

You mean when player highlighting is active you’re getting graphical interference?
It has been seen but in limited circs.

Can you tell us how you run Zwift and the specs of the device?

It’s a known issue related to brake lights that has returned.

Hi @DirtyBunny Welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift. I see you’ve already contacted Zwift support via email. Let’s continue that conversation via email so we can help you resolve this. I’m connecting you to the correct support channel at Zwift to resolve your graphics issue.