Can't give bunch ride-ons in companion app after update?!

Zwift app and companion app are fully up to date.
Zwift running on Apple TV 4k, and the companion app on an iPhone XR. Ever since the mid-Jan 2022 update, the white circle around my position arrow in the companion app is gone, and I’m not able to give group “Ride-Ons”. The only way I can give a Ride-On now is one by one.

Is this a planned change or a bug?

Is that happening in free rides?

It doesn’t work in group rides and races.

I gave out a bunch using the circle after my TdZ ride a few minutes ago, working fine here.


…unless you are the leader, in which case, the reload time is much shorter than it is in a free ride.

You’re not zoomed fully out in Companion, are you? I can’t remember specifically, but I think there are only certain zoom levels where you see the circle and can press it to give Ride Ons?

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This solved the issue for me, thanks!