Ride Ons

(Michael Quealy (First Light)9360) #1

It is encouraging for me to receive Ride Ons during group or training rides. However I cannot give them out, at least on a training ride. The Ride On symbol does not appear on my Companion ap, running on an iPhone. Am I missing some setting that enables this symbol?

I believe it has appeared there a couple of times, but either disappears or doesn’t show up. Any ideas?

I an running Zwift on a Windows computer, using WIN 10.

Thanks in advance.

(Lin Alan) #2

Are you talking about the the thumb in the scrollable menu across the bottom of the Companion app or are you referring to the white circle around your position?

The white circle around your position in the Companion app only appears/works when you are riding solo. If you are in an event, group ride, race, etc., it is disabled. Also, don’t forget to zoom in a bit on the Companion app map. Otherwise, you will not see the circle assuming it is available. It takes about 10s to recharge.

In a group ride, race, etc., you can still give out Ride Ons, but you have to do so manually one at a time.

(Michael Quealy (First Light)9360) #3

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I was referring to the :+1: icon on the scrollable menu in the companion app. It does not appear during a Workout event. I know it can be done because I have received them during these events.

I will try the individual approach, but I find it difficult to do while riding.

Thanks again.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #4

In a solo workout, if you tap your location icon in the map on the companion app you will issue ride-ons randomly to up to 5 nearby riders.