Group Ride - ride ons

(A Lter Furz (Pdx)) #1

I am unable to give multiple “ride ons” during a group ride. There isn’t a circle around my arrow on my iPhone companion app map.

(Martyn Kimberley OP [B]) #2

The multiple ride-on is not permitted in group activities. It is a rather strange choice from Zwift as this is the kind of thing that is ideal for a group ride.

(Fnu Ashwani) #3


If you’re in a group ride, only the Ride Leader can use this function and the Ride-Ons will only appear to people within your group and category (so if you are in the ‘B’ category, your Ride-Ons will not go to people in the ‘C’ category, even if they are nearby).

See our article explaining “How to give multiple Ride-Ons at once”.

If you have any other questions, open a support ticket with us, and we’ll get back to you!