Please allow multiple Ride Ons during group rides

There is still no way to give multiple Ride Ons during a group activity. This is ridiculous as group rides are often when you want to give multiple Ride Ons quickly and easily. It is also very difficult to fiddle with the Zwifters Nearby list in the app when riding in faster groups. Adding this feature would be very welcome.

In the groups I ride with the ride leader will usually call for a thumbderstorm (or similar) at a point in the ride to encourage riders to acknowledge each other. It is awkward to have to find riders and give Ride Ons individually. In previous versions of the companion app I would use the Activity Feed to quickly give Ride Ons to people I follow. Two issues with that:
a. I don’t follow all people in the group I am riding with; and
b. Active riders no longer appear in the Activity Feed (just ridiculous) so I am forced to use Riders Nearby and select people one-by-one while trying to ride at 3.0w/kg and keep up with group messages and other things happening at the same time.

Please enable multiple Ride Ons during group rides!

Completely agree. I want group ride ons.

Yes, that feature is missing. 1 vote from me.

I miss this function too :0) One more vote.

I agree — good feature to add!

Agree. another vote from me.

Any chance this is in the pipeline Zwift? I get people asking about it a lot when doing group rides.

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