Easier ride ons

I wish I didn’t have to go give ride ons by selecting the rider name from the list. I’d prefer to just be able to press the ride on button on the dash and it assumes I am wanting to give ride ons to any riders within a few feet of me.

In the companion app, just tap the circle around yourself and you’ll give ride ons to the 5 closest riders


Whhhhaaaattt how did I not know this was a thing? Is this from the dashboard? I’ve never seen a circle around me

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In the companion app go to the map view and you will be a dot with a white circle around it. Click that and 5 ride-ons will be given to those around you. The circle will regenerate and you can do it again.

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I know it’s available in the companion app and only when you are riding.

You can also use the companion app to give everyone you follow who is currently riding a ride on with one click on the home page.

Mind blown!

Thank you, I found it on today’s ride. So much easier

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One click on the home page only gives ride ons to a maximum of 100 people you follow. :roll_eyes:

I think it takes around 10 seconds for the circle to regenerate.

@Jim_Mattson you can either wait for that section of the home page to refresh (which is does after several seconds) and then hit the thumb again or you can force the refresh by swiping down on that section of the home page. Repeat as required.

UI design at its finest! :clap::clap::clap:

Can we please have a Keyboard short cut for the multiple ride one (the white circle)


I wish the white circle feature was active for group rides.


I would agree. It should not be so hard to give a ride-on to a fellow zwifter.

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