Ride on's from nearby zwifters tab on companion app [SOLVED]

Would it be possible to add a ride on button to the nearby zwifters tab in the companion app? Currently you’ve got to go into someone’s profile when in a group ride so this would vastly improve the experience

During a zwift ride open the map in your companion app (by default when you’re online, opening the app automatically switches to the map). Tap on your position (the arrow) and you’ll give a ride on to up to 4 or 5 riders near you. I think the map has to be zoomed in to a certain degree.

Doesn’t work on group rides does it? Thought that was only on free rides?

The Ride-on “Bomb” only works in free-rides and workouts, not in any kind of events. The bombs will give ride-ons to up to 5 nearby riders within about a second of your position. Its circle of effect is not clearly defined, but it’s not big.

In events you can only issue ride-ons individually through a rider’s profile page. The profile page can be accessed either through the nearby riders page or by tapping the rider’s dot in the map window. Tapping dots is frustratingly inaccurate when you’re within a group of riders.

Adding a ride-on button adjacent to the follow-rider button in the nearby riders page would add a great deal of convenience to the zwifting experience. In fact, I think replacing the follow-rider button with a ride-on button would be a better solution. I suspect that it’s because of that follow-rider button that I get random followers from time to time.

You have my vote.

I really want to see this feature in the companion app. It’s really clunky having to click through to each profile page to give a ride-on!

Something like this would be spot on…


Updating this old thread to say that Ride On bombs are back as of September 2022 in Zwift game version 1.29.

If you’re on the current version of the game and Companion apps, you can give mass Ride Ons from the Companion app. From the map screen - press and hold the white circle indicating your position for a few seconds to activate the Ride On shower to those around you.