Comp. App home screen rideon button


Just curious, when i hit the blue ride on button on the home screen of the companion app, it says i gave ride ons to X Zwifters currently riding. This works even if I am not in zwift. Do these go to my followers, riders I follow, random riders, or some combination?

All the answers i found relate to other ways they can be given.

I believe it goes only to the riders you follow that are currently Zwifting.

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Hi @Fletcher_Johnson_PV, I’m Fernanda from Zwift.

I would love to clarify this question for you! As @Dan_Kothlow said, when you’re on the Companion App and not riding in the Zwift game, you can give Ride-Ons to the Zwifters who follow you and are currently Zwifting, we add this option for the Zwifters to be able to give a Ride-On at any time!

You can do this also, by using your activity feed, going to and selecting the :+1: for the Zwifter you’d like to give a Ride On to, just keep in mind that only the followers that are completing a ride will receive the Ride On.

Happy riding!

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Thanks - it would be nice if it said something like “gave x ride ons to your followers currently zwifting” or similar.

To bad there isn’t an option to do the same for people we follow. Or for the button to send them to both followers and people we follow.