Give "Ride ons" to people in your "Zwifted with" list in Companion

Don’t like to be distracted whilst I’m riding so I generally don’t end up giving many ride-ons during the ride itself.

After you ride, the Companion App gives you your “Zwifted with” list of riders - I’d love to be able to give them a post-ride “ride on” from that list but it only gives you the option to follow them.

Today’s ride I’m really pushing it up the Volcano & another rider was with me most of the way - was going too flat out to do it at the time, so ended up having to follow him to give him the ride-on, which was annoying.

Any chance of changing the companion app to make that possible?

So, while this isn’t a Zwift thing, here is a potential option (which may be reasonable, since giving a Ride On outside of the event doesn’t give any sort of Drops bonus):

IF you, and the other person/people also use Strava, go to your ride on Strava (using a mobile device) and click on the ‘Rode With’ list. When the list appears, shake your phone. You will get a pop-up list asking if you want to give Kudos to everyone you ‘rode with’, or just your friends on the ride. Click on an option!

Yes, this does require that both you and anyone you want to give Kudos are using Strava, but it might be a reasonable workaround until Zwift makes it a bit easier.