Companion app ride-ons

With the latest update to the Companion app, you added the ability to give ride-ons to Zwifters you follow from the list in Zwifting Now, without having to go into the individual profiles.

It would be great to have the same ability with from the “Zwifters” list while in a ride.

Great point…

Also I’d like to see a “quick send” feature to reply to ride-ons received while riding. I.E. you get a ride-on in game and all you have to do is press a button on the companion app to reply (return) the ride-on. It could pop up on the companion app screen like the power ups do?

Let’s make being social on Zwift easier with every update…

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Yes, agree. I would love to return a ride on quickly during a ride either on the companion app or the main screen on your Mac.

Often the rider who gave the ride on is not shown in the list of riders near you on the RHS on the screen. You can easily do it when the person is near you as their name is highlighted by the orange :+1: and you simply hit the emoji.

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Many RideOns are given by people that are not riding.
They are just watching other riders, and give RideOns to them.
I do that myself occasionally.
So it is not always possible to return the RideOns.

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