Reciprocal Ride on Companion App

When receiving a Ride On, I would like to send a reciprocal Ride On easily using the Companion App. The Zwifters nearby Tab is often difficult to navigate, especially during an effort. Can I have a list of Ride Ons received so that I can send a RO in return easily?

Many of the RideOns you receive may come from people that is not riding at the moment.


True. But if they changed the Vocal Ride On button to actually giving Ride Ons, and they removed the Toast, Nice, and Hammer buttons from the Companion App, they would clear up space for a ‘Right Back At Ya’ button.

Or…just retask the Vocal Ride On button even further. Hitting it gives a Ride On Bomb, unless you hit it just after someone else has given you a Ride On, in which case it gives them one in return.

There are a surprising number of times when I’ll get a ride-on from someone who isn’t nearby, but is riding. If I hit a Weekly Goal, or a PR, or grab a sprint jersey, I’ll get thumbs from people who are in the game, but who I’d have to scroll through the list to find (which I’m not taking the time to do most times). The Right Back At Ya (RBAY) button could easily give a Ride On to those people, and simply not give one to someone who isn’t riding and just used the Comp App to give me one.


You are not alone. This feature has been requested for years. This is just a sample:

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