Button for automagically returning received "Ride-Ons"

Whilst running on a treadmill I find it nigh on impossible to maneuver through the menues of the Swift Companion app to recipitate a received Ride-On. I would absolutely love it if you could make a button appear alongside the incoming “Ride-On” message, that would return the favour so to speak, and send a Ride-on back to the sender. Maybe include a timer of 5-10 seconds, after which the button could be removed.
Thanks for your time, and great service!
Regards, Tom

Just remember, not all Ride Ons are give while in game, I give most of mine while I’m sitting on the couch.

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Good point. :+1: Still it really shouldn’t be difficult to only enable the “Return a Ride-On” button when the sender him/herself is in an activity for instance - during training or racing. The way it is now, it’s just too difficult to bounce around on the treadmill and at the same time try to use the companion app for anything more than pressing the arrow-icons to chose direction when at crossroads. :smiley:


or at least the ones on same event

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I agree It will be nice to have a button on the KB to return a Ride-On to people currently riding. I will also ask for a KB button to give group ride-on’s instead of using the Companion app.


While we are talking ride-ons, it would make the giving of them so much easier if two things were implemented.

  1. Having the multiple ride on option in the Companion App (by tapping on your arrow on the map) available during events rather than only on free rides. Might be an issue in big groups, but I generally don’t find myself in big groups for long, so maybe that’s just me.

  2. Having a button to give a ride on again the riders names in the Companion App list of Zwifters. That would be so much easier than having to tap into the rider’s profile, give a ride on and them return … by which time the other rider you were going to give one to has disappeared up the road and you can’t locate them quickly.


Would still be nice to be able to return it.

Just want to be able to say ‘Thanks for the shout out mate, it’s appreciated’

Even better would be a button or icon in the Companion dashboard that enables you to return a ride-on easily, similarly to how it works in the Zwift app (but which I can’t use because the Apple remote is nearly useless). And using the list of Zwifters is frustrating because it keeps adjusting.

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During rides, I frequently receive Ride On’s from riders who are not in the nearby rider list and it would be a nice feature to be able to show some immediate gratitude and give the Ride On right back while in game. Currently, to return the Ride On, you would have to complete and save your ride or event, then go into the details of the ride/event to see which users gave you a Ride On and return the Ride On from there at a later time.

Hi, I’ve moved this to an identical existing feature request. Feel free to vote this one up.

The topic comes up fairly often:


Making ride ins easy to give back would be super nice. And knowing who they came from while in app.

The last few sessions I’ve been following a pace partner in a huge group and the number of ride on’s you get is bewildering. Half the time I see them flash up and can’t get my sweaty fat fingers onto my phone to acknowledge them in time. I feel guilty for not being able to return each one and every so often I get so distracted by trying to respond that I end up losing my place and have to struggle to catch them up again. I wish there was an auto reply “Right back atcha!” setting for ride on’s that you could turn on by default. For someone like me with anxiety the idea that I’ve failed to respond and might be thought of as rude is quite stressfull.

If you’re free riding you can tap your marker in the Companion app and it’ll give a Ride On to up to five people near you. After a short cooldown, you can tap it again. And again. Eventually you’ll have given out Ride Ons to all the people in the group.

(Assuming you’re on the “map” screen)

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That explains a lot, cheers. I really need to learn how to use the companion app. Haven’t bothered with it yet.