Receiving Ride ons, a button to return Rideon

When receiving a Ride on, a button to view rider that gave you the ride on, without having to scroll through rider list to find that rider. The button would only be active for 20-30 secs after receiving a ride on, so you could view rider or send Ride on back


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Agreed. I’m not really sure how people manage to do the more social aspects while riding as it is; but a simple and large button to thank or acknowledge would be great. Or even to be able to send a thank you from the My Zwift page where you can see the Ride On’s later.

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Agree. Suggested same in another post. good idea. 

Agree on what JD Griffis said.  It would bee great to give the person who gave you a ride on, one back to them.  Or to give a thanks back after the ride.

I agree with what Jon from Zwift said in a thread earlier today. Not every Ride On comes from someone riding you can get Ride Ons from someone on sitting on the couch.

Here is the thread that has Jon’s answer:


I’d like to return a Ride-On as well, but I’d suggest adding a “Ride Ons” tab to the Zwifters page in the Companion app.  That way you could not only find who gave you a Ride On but have the option to look at their profile and picture.

110% agree. Zwift has odd reasoning for not having one. So frustrating having to search for zwifters to give ride ins back

I agree - that would be really good feature

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