an easy to use reciprocating ride on feature

does no one else find it frustrating when you get a ride on and try and reciprocate but have to fiddle through riders nearby or search for zwifters on settings. why cant zwift put a ‘give ride on back’ feature when someone gives you a ride on. Community is featured and promoted heavily but this is something that personally drives me crazy when i cannot reciprocate more quickly and efficiently the rides on’s i get … seems simple…you get a ride on, blue thumbs up appears, why not have functionality there to click the blue thumbs up that gives a ride on back ??? every single ride i find myself asking why this simple feature isnt there…rant over :slight_smile:

Hi Jerry, it’s a good question and it’s something we’ve thought about for a while now.   It boils down to having Ride Ons mean something more than just ‘I acknowledge you gave me a Ride On’.   

They could be sitting on their couch giving you a ride on using mobile link (and many do!) as they are recognizing you putting in effort to get on the bike.   What are you giving them a ride on for?     Likewise on Facebook, Strava, etc there is not a ‘give a kudo back’ button or ‘reciprocate the like’ button.   Instead you have to see a post by that person and manually give the kudo or like the.

We specifically want it to be easy to give nearby people Ride On’s, as well as those who did something noteworthy like met a goal, finished a workout, etc, or those who post an activity which you can give a Ride On to after the fact.

It would be nice to be able to give “ride-on” to someone through the keyboard without it switching to their viewpoint (and keyboard access to ride-ons is completely disabled in workout mode, btw). Nice to give ride-on to nearby riders at the end of or right before a strenuous workout block, particularly during group workouts.

Thanks for this Jon … I understand your point. I give you a ‘ride on’ for your reply :slight_smile: … I’d still like an easier way of giving ride on’s though. i use mobile link and have to search for the rider, click into their profile then give ride on…or when trying to give kudos for a goal met or workout finished etc etc the orange ride on button disappears before i can lean over to the lap top to give a ride on