Add Ride-Ons To Message Thread

Sometimes I’m not paying attention (hunched over the bars recovering) or just don’t catch the name in time but it would be great if when people give you a ride-on it would show as a message on the new message thread for ZML or in a separate area in the messages section where you could easily return the ride-on back.

I suggested something similar over a year ago, and still waiting: 

As I mention in my post, something similar was requested before, now almost 2 years ago: 

I know that you can give a Ride-On after the ride, or see who gave you a Ride-On, and they have improved the option with the thumb next to the rider’s name in the “near me” list, but there is nothing like being able to return a gesture immediately. It’s even worse when in a group when the names are changing up and down so quickly in the “near me” list, that you can’t find a name.