Best way to reply to ride on

Whilst blowing through my hoop on a group ride normally with a few hundred riders I sometimes RIDE ON from other pers, what is the quickest way to reply without having to scroll down the whole list?

I agree it would be nice to have a reply to the last ride-on received.

Yes time I have scrolled I have received another and forgotten who the ride on was from

Would like to have a button to instant reply to last ride on in the companion app.


Not all Ride Ons are from people riding. They can just be watching.
I do that myself sometimes.
If I get a Ride On, and the person is not on the list on screen, I don’t do anything.

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Good question.It would be nice to reply but hard to do so. I rationalise getting a ride on is being part of the Zwift community and as long as I give out enough ride ons when I am riding hopefully the goodness is shared out.

BTW did an FTP test the other day and received a lot of ride ons on the way. For those of you who have done an FTP you will know that it can be really tough, and I found it boosted my morale whilst doing the 20 minutes of torture. No way I could have replied but very grateful to have received the support- another nice feature of Zwift and the community.