Companion app ride ons?

After rides are completed I occasionally get ride on notifications from other riders.

I’d like to return the favour, but it’s not intuitive how this can be done.

Do I have to follow the riders who give ride ons to be able to give ride ons in return?

Sorry, still fairly new to Zwift and trying to get the hang of things. Don’t want to offend anyone by not responding.



There are several ways:

Thanks for the link.

I have read this before, but it doesn’t really cover the situation where, for example, my ride finished half an hour ago and I’m sat having a coffee, when my phone pings with a notification from the companion app saying someone has just given a ride on.

How have they done that after my ride is over, and how can I respond?

Perhaps it’s just be being too English wanting to say thank you for the ride on.

They have selected your profile in ZA and viewed your recent activities list and given a past activity a ride on. You can do the same. They don’t have to be Zwifting at the time, nor do you.

See minute 4:55 of the video linked below

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Great, thank you.

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Sorry I did not read your question carefully enough!