Zwift Play "Ride On" Response UX is broken

A few of feedback items regarding the receipt of “Ride Ons” while using the Zwift Play Controllers:

(1) Rider is not given enough time to respond with “Z”. I’ve found that by the time I’ve registered that the message popped up and that I’ve read the name, that the notification is gone and I can no longer give a “Ride On” back. Notifications need to stay on screen longer

(1b) If this extra delay means that another “Ride On” may be received you can separate folks with commas and an “and” eg: “John, Leslie, and CheekyCheese”. Pressing “Z” will give them all a “Ride On” back

(2) There is no useful feedback when you return a “Ride On”. The single haptic vibration is the same one you get when shifting which is confusing. Instead, add visual feedback on-screen as we do for incoming “Ride Ons”. Make it green with a checkmark and a “Ride On sent to {people}” or something.

(3) “Ride Ons” received from folks using the companion app and who are not in the same ride as you display separately. This isn’t ((strictly)) incorrect but it’s unintuitive. Move all “Ride On” notifications to the same drop-down location and either make “Z” send them one anyway, or don’t offer the “Z” response.

Ride On :slight_smile:

I agree with this.

However in the 1b scenario a rider might not want to return ride on to everyone.

I’m fairly picky who I give ride ons to, I will watch the big efforts then give a ride on.

Fair point. This could also use a queue system in which you’re presented one at a time. “Z” to “ride on” back, “B” to skip (or auto-skip with whatever the new timer is eg: 5 seconds)