Zwift play ride on return

During game play some recieved ride ons say press z for me to give a ride on return. Some questions:

  1. Not all ride ons tell me to return a ride on. It’s this a bug or is there something unique about certain ride ons?

  2. Some times when returning a ride on I get haptic feedback while other times I don’t. Do the times I get haptic feedback mean a ride on was delivered?

  3. Because the feedback is inconsistent perhaps a visual cue when successful would be a better acknowledgement.

  4. Even when returning a ride on with haptic feedback I believe the acknowledgement was faulty. I checked a rider profile through the companion app after returning the ride on through the controller. The profile showed I hadn’t sent a ride on as their ride on box was still shaded blue even though I received the haptic feedback.

Very happy with the controllers so far and I’m looking forward to future updates.


you are able give a return ride on if that person is currently around you in the ride, you wont be able to return a ride on from say a friend who isn’t on zwift and has just done it via the companion app