Zwift Companion button to return Ride On

When someone gives me a ride-on in the game, I would like to be able to give one back quickly with a single button press through the Zwift Companion app.

On PC, I use a bluetooth min-keyboard and trackpad to interact with the game controls, and try to drag the cursor over to the Ride-On button as it is moving and I’m pedaling is challenging. I usually miss the button before its timer expires and it disappears. A quicker access through the paired app would be appreciated.

Just remember that all Ride Ons not given while in game, I give most of mine will sitting on the couch.

It could be useful for in-game Ride Ons within a certain distance so it would not be active for Ride Ons given while not riding.

When someone nearby in the game gives you a ride on, the game puts a thumb button next to their name in the listing on the right side of the screen as I mentioned. (Same for someone nearby hitting a PR, taking a jersey, or achieving a goal). I would like this quick access on the app, so I don’t have to try to get the mouse cursor over there.

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I am not disagreeing with you, but that list is short so that is why I suggested a distance similar to the chat distance.

I think the “thumb” timeout is too short as well. I spend half the time trying to pick out the mouse cursor against the moving game background, let alone moving it onto the button.

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now imagine giving rideon back on appletv


I was thinking the same the other day. Why not having a feature that you can set: “auto return Ride-Ons received”.

My laptop which runs Zwift is too far away from my bike and no option to fiddle around with the keyboard while riding. So I’m using the companion app on my mobile phone. But while riding its often hard to look for the rider near you who’s just given you a Ride-On. The auto-return option would help.

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