Ghost ride ons

I keep getting ride ons from people I recognize and would like to return the favor. I do not see them on zwifters near me. I scroll through the zwifters near me and never see these people. I have enjoyed riding near some of these people and do not want to seem rude. It almost seems like I am ghost riding in a different world or something. Can you monitor who is riding and give ride ons when you are not riding.

@Richard_Case yes. If you follow someone via the Zwift Companion App you can give ride-ons when you aren’t riding. You open the Companion App and there is an option to give ride-ons to everyone you follow.

Thank you I will have to try and check it out. I will download the app and see if I can return some ride ons.

You can also give a ride on to up to 5 riders near you by tapping the circle on the map while riding.

Sometimes I just log in on my phone and give ride ons to people I see in fan view.


I’ve noticed too that if there are less than 5 people around you going the same direction, sometimes you can give ride on’s to riders going the opposite direction, which I didn’t know you could do. Sometimes I’ll be on a lonely climb, or going in a reverse direction from the normal route and find myself riding solo. Keeping an eye on the map, if I see a dot, or group of dots coming towards me, I’ll hit the ride on circle and see how many I can give. it’s hit or miss and timing it properly gives me something to focus on other than being lonely out on course :confused:. Give it a try and ride on!