Enable multiple Ride On feature in group rides, events, and races [SOLVED]

Per https://gozwift.kustomer.help/en_us/-how-to-give-multiple-ride-ons-at-once-S1Wag0ybS7, the “multiple ride-on” feature is disabled in group rides.

I would love for this feature to be enabled in events like the Zwift Fondo series, or the Tour of New York, etc., as well as races (perhaps controlled by the race organizer). In most group rides, I end up finding a nice little peloton where we’re all at about the same level, and we’re pushing and working together. For me, this is the social aspect of Zwift at its best, and I would love to be able to encourage my peloton’s collaboration without having to find and click on every user. This is especially difficult as the line-up is reordering itself.

Yeah, I don’t know why it’s not enabled in group rides and races. Doesn’t make sense to me.

I’d like it to give a Ride On to everyone within the radius too, not just a randomised handful of people.


Id be happy if they made it so the yellow chevron also got a switch in their companion app or whatever they use that would enable ride ons at their discretion.
That way you’re not getting ride ons constantly showering down during a race but instead at an allocated section of the ride, say after the main sprint or after the large hill etc.

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Yes please! Very simple thing and would improve group rides.


Yes that will be a nice feature :slight_smile:

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This would be wonderful! Group rides are when I want to give ride-ons the most. It makes the pace partner rides a lot more engaging with the amount of thumbs and chatter going on. Would love to see that in the other groups.


Yes, I would love a shortcut key or thumbs-up icon on companion to give a ride on to whom I want wherever I want. Zwift have the expertise to make it work.
On the pc just click on a name and tap the shortcut key…
On Companion give a ride-on to closest 5 with the tap of an icon and not tapping on onscreen position because if you mistap and the screen moves, you and the other riders move out of the picture.
It would also be nice to just tap a key and give a reply ride-on to someone giving you a ride-on.


As a sweep on busy group rides you don’t always have time to give individual ride ons via the companion app so being able to give multiple ones at the same time would be extremely useful


Yep, this literally drives me up the wall. Trying to give someone a ride on back when you are at 100% is impossible.


Yes please, put it back.


Yes, the is should be a normal function. Ridiculous it’s not.


I’d love if the Companion list of zwifters nearby had a ride on button to the side of their names. That way I don’t need to navigate into each profile to send one; too many screens while trying to ride.
And if someone sends me one, I’d love to send one back immediately - with ease - rather than trying to find them if they aren’t nearby or if the list reorders.


I guess that answers my question about ride ons during group rides and races. I like the idea about ride on button next to names. I would like to add the the lead should have the ability to switch on rides on for those that end up OTB for encouragement.


I totally agree. Yes please.

I agree. Very useful

Yes!!! Please give us the ability to give ride-ons during group rides, it’s such a pain to need to click on a person (changes my view) and then go back to me afterwards. It would also be great to be able to give ride-ons during workouts which isn’t possible on desktop when I click on a name on the right column.

Yes l, please bring back this function and expend it also to custom training sessions, group rides, where ever possible!!

With the current situation, when riding with the Pace Partners in mind, I think there must be some limitations to whom and to how many you can give Ride Ons to. Even if you can just give them to the X closest riders, it can easily be very many in e.g. the TDZ rides. Maybe even an option to mute Ride Ons if you find them annoying.

To me, Ride Ons are a shortcut to writing “Well done!”, “Come on!”, “Let’s continue this way!”, “We can do it!”, etc. Ride-Ons lose their meaning when there are too many from some random riders. If they can be more targeted, they will be more meaningful.


I voted for this feature, but now I am not so shure. If I join a group ride with 100 other riders, an they all want to give a Ride-on to everyone else, then 10.000 Ride-ons will be given. Imagine the noise :weary:

Don’t worry - there are a few reasons why this wouldn’t be a problem:

  1. They’ve changed it so there’s barely any noise from other people’s Ride Ons. The changes around this even seem to stop people saying “Ride On!” in a big group.

  2. (This is more what Ole-Kristian was saying): With the “Group Ride On button” There’s a limit to how many you can give in a group ride - it’s the five people closest to you.

  3. You can only give one Ride On per person per activity and in most group rides, after you’ve hit the button a few times, there’s no-one else to give a Ride On to. The Ride Ons never stop with the Pace Partners because they have a constant stream of new people starting a ride with them.

  4. Most people don’t give Ride Ons. Even if it was easier, you’d never get anything like 100% of people doing it.

This is the article which seems to have rejuvenated this thread, so as well as voting on this thread, anyone keen might want to add their voice to the comments:

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