IOS Companion App - Multiple Ride On's Doesn't Work on a Group Ride

I can give the 5 multiple ride on’s at once when on a free ride. But it doesn’t work when I’m on a group ride. Others can do it as I clearly see 5 ride on’s drop all at once. Why doesn’t mine work on a group ride? The little circle around my triangle doesn’t appear at all

This is not a bug.

In a group ride or race, that function does not work. Period. If you are in a group ride and see it rain down Ride-Ons, it is probably because someone not in the group ride dropped them as they passed by or got passed. You can still give Ride-Ons, but they are one at a time.

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OK. So my follow up would be, Why?
Why not allow multiple ride on’s in a group ride? Too easy to get 100 ride on achievement? Everyone would do it so it overloads the system?