Multiple RideOns for Meetups

It would be nice if they put this feature back in… where Meetup participants could give multi-ride-Ons during the meetup. As it stands, this is only enabled for the Meetup leader. Some of my meetups have 30+ riders, and that’s a lot of clicking…
(Note: I’m talking just about Meetups, not about Group events).

I would expect ride on bombs through the companion app to work in meetups.

They work only for the Meetup leader, not for the rest of the riders.

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Companion app is limited to 5 at a time,… is it not?

Yes, I believe so.

What happens when you hit the button around your arrow, nothing?

What happens when I touch the phone screen outside the circle? There is no circle around the arrow. If I tap the arrow, nothing happens. Do you want me to post a screen shot from my participation in my upcoming Friday meetup (if I can get wake up in time - these east coast guys start dog gone early… 7:15am Pacific Time is their 10:15am).
In any case…

Meetup participants can not give rideOns by tapping the phone.

Please - screenshot of your map view in ZCA would be helpful.

It could be that you need to zoom in/out a little bit (unless it works fine on other rides).

Indeed it looks fine on all other rides. The circle is missing when I’m a participant of a Meetup. I’ll try to capture it tomorrow morning.

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Here’s a screen cap from the CompApp. No circle to tap to give multiRideOns.
When I tap the triangle that is me, nothing happens, or I end up selecting another rider.

Also, in the second image, a screen cap from the PC program, there are big +/- time offsets of the riders around me. This has been a problem on meetups for quite some time too. The offsets should be 0 (zero).

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I could swear I had the ride bomb in meetup. This weekend, December 17, 2023, it only allows me to select one rider no matter how zoomed in I am. Thoughts?

I should add that I am in a workout at the same time but others are bombing.

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Chiming in on this - I’m usually meetup leader in my group, where it works normally, but yesterday I was meetup participant and there was no white circle around my arrow on companion. I could click on individual white dots and send ride ons, but not bomb the five people around me.

I actually found this strangely distressing as we’d encounter people who would give us ride-ons and I couldn’t bomb them back and their dots would disappear off the screen.

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They still haven’t fixed it or changed it. I lead a meetup every week, and as leader, I can multi-RideOn the riders around me. But as a participant in another meetup, I have to click each and every rider on the list separately. It’s exhausting.

Also, the messaging colors are terrible - I can’t read white text on a bright green background. If the Zwift Requirements Team members are reading this, please fix that as well.

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