Ride On Benefits

Is there any benefit to getting ride ons apart from a fellow Zwifter just saying hello?

Yes, your drops rate increases for a short time when you receive a ride on. There is also an achievement if you get 100 ride on’s I think that might have a jersey unlock attached to it, “bigger than Jenzie”?

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Ah right. Didn’t know the drops increase. :+1:t2:

What’s the point of giving ride ons then when the rider has finished the ride?

give’s you the warm and fuzzy feeling


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Ah right then. No point really.

Thanks for your assistance Mike. :+1:t2:

Just to say sorry I missed your ride. Good job for getting it done. :ride_on:


I like that description. I’ll keep giving them then. :+1:t2:

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I can’t seem to give Ride-ons when in a workout session i.e. trainer is in ERG mode. The icon’s not there. Is this because it’s trying to keep me focused on the pain? :slight_smile:

:joy::joy::joy: In the main (at the moment) I only do workouts in ERG mode and I give and receive Ride Ons.

What are using to view Zwift? I use Apple TV 4K with Zwift Companion.

I’m using my Android phone mounted on the handlebars. Yeah I know, basic, but I’ve just started. Got plans for a brand new pain cave, and it will have a better setup.

No you can’t give ride-on’s in game during a workout. But if you use the companion app on the Map screen you can tap on the white circle around your rider and it will give ride-on’s to 5 people around you.

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Actually, on a workout you can use companion app to pull up the zwifters near you, tap a name, then their profile comes up with a ride on button… a bit of a pain, but i can do it fairly quickly now. Am i confusing this with a social ride?

I ride on rollers, so it’s not possible for me to give Ride On’s while on the bike. However, if I do get a Ride-On from someone else, i’ll look them up after the ride and return the favor.

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I only do workouts and I give and receive Ride Ons all the time. Am I getting confused by the question?

I’m using an Apple TV with companion app.

You can receive ride-on’s in a workout. But giving them is a bit of a hassle. Normally you can click on the rider name on the right hand side of the screen and give them a rid-on, but not in workout mode. In Workout mode you have to use the companion app.

I don’t like to use the companion app, I have a keyboard and mouse right in front of me why should I use a phone with a small screen with sweaty fingers. :frowning:

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I’ve got my phone on my handlebars with a Quad Lock phone mount. It’s easy to get at. I use an Apple 4k On a 55” LED tv for Zwift so giving Ride Ons using the Apple TV remote would be a nightmare. I use an iPhone XS Max so even my crap eyes can read it at that distance. It’s only one click and you’re on the list of riders around you and another couple of clicks to give a Ride On. I also prefer the workout interface on Companion as you can see the full zone you have in workouts.

Each to their own and whatever makes your Zwift life more enjoyable.

I agree with you @Steve_Dickson59.

There is a place for both, it would be nice if PC users can utilize the PC for everything if they wanted to.

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