Ride-ons in companion app not working

Since the latest game update, I can’t give ride-ons in the companion app. The white circle around the navigation triangle is gone. Anyone else having this issue?

The white circle is not available in group rides, races or meetups (if you are not the leader)

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Thanks. But this is happening during solo workouts.


I’ve noticed this too. I have the white circle on general rides or workouts and then give out a bunch of ride ons. Sometimes, instead of the white circle redrawing, it just never reappears. I then tap the Triangle for me and it gives out ride ons - this time, redrawing the circle. Can’t quite figure out why it happens, but it typically is after I give out several rounds of ride ons.

Same thing just started a today for me with the companion app. No circle so I couldn’t do the ride ons to those near me. :cry:.

In my case, it turns out that the map view got zoomed out so small that the circle wasn’t visible. I enlarged the map and everything was back to normal. Only took me three days to figure that out :wink:

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Yep. same here! :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, this is definitely an issue since the last update. I tried quitting the app and relaunching, I even deleting it and downloading afresh, but the problem persists. The problem is not just on my iPhone but also when I use the companion app on my iPad. However, I notice that when I complete an event and pass through the finish arch and return to ‘normal’ free-riding Zwift the white circle redraws itself and works normally. But every time I start a free ride there is no white circle. My wife has just complained about the same issue, but then when she started a fresh ride with C. Cadence the white circle reappeared. There is definitely a bug in there somewhere.

See Ride-on option gone in companion?

I’ve seen the same problem lately even when I’m not in a group ride or workout or have the zoom all the way out to the maximum. I’ve found that if I give a ride on in the game itself from a rider in the list on the right hand side of the screen the white circle will come back on in the companion app.

When i use companion app and press rideon, i hear the voice saying “ride on” but i see no ride ons given on the screen. Is that by design or is something bugging out for me?

I see the white circle, so no issue there

No difference running zwift on windows pc or android

That is what that button is intended for. It does not give ride-on’s.

How do i give ride ons from the companion app then?

Anybody else think this confusing and rather pointless button should just be removed? Does anybody actually use it as intended?

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In a free ride, press the circle around your position arrow on the map screen. That sends out up five ride-ons to riders nearby.

You can also look at the list of nearby Zwifters on the Companion and individually send them ride-ons.

For sure. It’s one of Zwift’s many unintuitive UI issues.

Thanks alot!
Had no idea :see_no_evil:

Yeah don’t worry about it. A lot of us didn’t know about it either until someone told us on here.

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