Ending a ride using Apple TV App and Companion app

I am using the Zwift app on Apple TV and controlling with the Companion App on my phone. Apparently there is no way to end and save a ride on the Companion App (according to Zwift). Support told me I have to end and save a ride using the Apple TV controls, but they didn’t explain how. I can bring up the Pop-Up panel at the bottom of the screen, but not the end/save ride buttons.

Also, while using the above configuration this morning I couldn’t get the heart rate monitor to sync to the app. It should that it was connected to my phone though. How do I insure that it connects to the app? Thanks

Another reason I Zwift on a good gaming PC

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To end a ride on Apple TV press the ‘Menu’ button. This will bring up the screen with the ‘End Ride’ option, as well as the garage, badges, challenges, etc. options.


I tried Menu but that didn’t work at least I don’t think it did. I kept pressing buttons and eventually “end ride” came up. I will try it again. Thanks

The ATV remote is a little dodgy in general, in my opinion. Be sure to just tap it once. If you somehow click it twice I thunk things go south quickly.

And on the companion app press the “square”. You need to hold it for awhile but this brings up the end / save ride.

Works a treat with Apple TV


Like Ben said, on your iPhone, go to the screen with the map, swipe the options at bottom of screen to the right and at the very left of the button panel you’ll see a square. This is the stop session button. Hold it for about 3 seconds, workout over!

I just press menu on the remote. Works perfect for me.

Always press menu (either on phone or iPad which I use to stream music). Works fine.

Don’t use the companion app to end but as others have said press and hold the square stop button for 3 secs.

Thanks everyone. I pressed the stop button , but I didn’t hold it. I will try it again this morning.