Cannot EXIT Zwift in Apple TV

When I end and save a ride in Zwift, I cannot get to the EXIT door to log out. In fact, the only time I see it is when first starting Zwift, and even then, if I select it, it won’t accept the input. Consequently, it appears that I’m logged in at all times! Is there some shortcut I can use on Companion to get out of the program?

i don’t use the companion app. i just click on the menu button on the remote and leave the program that way

This started happening to me too. I’m having to use the exit button else my session will continue… Spooked me to get a notice about the Kickr being unplugged when I was already out of Zwift

It would really help if one of you would upload a picture of what you’re describing and where you’re getting stuck.

Also - which Apple TV remote do you folks have? Is it the 2nd gen remote with the Siri voice control, or the original remote? Or are you using the Zwift Play controller to end your session?

I’m using the more recent remote.

I’m using the menu button to leave the ride, upload, acknowledge the streak…. Next time I fire up zwift, there’s no login, or kickr pairing - straight into zwift

When I have completed my rides on ATV, and have saved and returned to the log-in screen, I just press the Menu button to close the screen, and then ‘force quit’ the app after that. You don’t need to use the ‘door’ for anything. Honestly, I am not even sure what the door does.

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I’m the same as Nigel. Save the ride, which takes you back to the login screen. Then force-quit Zwift. Sorted, and quick.

The Exit door button on ATV is redundant really. It’s only really used on Windows/Mac, I think. You definitely don’t need to use it on ATV.

How does one accomplish the “force quit”?