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I have two issues that I can’t seem to solve with the new tvOS version.

  1. I can’t get the exit button to work on the home screen.
  2. When I’m in the world selection interface and I select a route to view, (side panel shows the route information) I don’t have the X icon to close this window. The only way I can get it to close is either selecting start ride at the bottom and doing this route or I need to select my menu button on the remote and restart Zwift.

I just tested this on my 1st Generation ATV4k (with a 2nd Generation Siri remote).

  1. The “Exit” button sends me back to the Account Login Screen which I believe is the intended action. To fully terminate the app, you’d need to double click the remote “home” button which allows closure of any running app.

  2. I was able to exit the route view by pressing the back button. I do note the older, 1st Generation Siri remote doesn’t have a back button though and I’m unsure how that functionality would work. I’m guessing you have the 1st Gen remote?

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I didn’t start up my Apple TV, but unless I am misunderstanding the problems:

AppleTV 4K (1st gen w/1st gen remote)

  1. Save and quit/exit goes back to login screen. This is correct for Apple TV. Then, you should force quit the app by double clicking the home/tv button (looks like tv screen, right of Menu button).

  2. Menu button will take you backwards in most circumstances unless you have hit the touchpad and moved over a specific button/selector at which point Menu will act as enter.

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I take the opportunity to share with you the recruitment with the Apple TV remote.
I would like to see riders around me when I use Siri.