Unable to end ride on Apple TV 4K before finishing route

Today I started a ride in Watopia Hilly Loop. I tried to end the ride after 7.8 miles to no avail. Swiping down on the remote did not bring up the bottom menu bar, and pressing the ‘back’ button on the remote didn’t give me the option to end the ride. Turning Apple TV off and back on brought me to the same paused screen in Zwift. I then installed Zwift onto my PC, hoping to see the same ride that I’m in on the Apple TV, but nope. Unfortunately I’m unable to install the companion app onto my android phone since it’s not compatible. Any tips on how to end my current ride on Apple TV? Thanks.

do you have the 2nd gen Siri remote?


I have the silver version with black buttons that came with the latest Apple TV 4K.

pretty sure that is the 2nd gen siri remote

Issue Summary

We’re aware of an issue where some members aren’t able to navigate in Zwift when using the Siri Remote (2nd generation) with their Apple TV.


Ensure your Siri Remote (2nd generation) is set to Click and Touch.

Yes, it’s 2nd gen remote. I’m currently stuck in Zwift on Apple TV and can’t seem to quit it, so unable to get to the settings menu to try the workaround.

Was able to quit Zwift and check the remote setting. It was already set to “Click and Touch” mode as stated in the workaround.

Hi @Richard_Le_MH4

This is confusing - did you unplug the AC power from the back of the Apple TV? How did you turn the Apple TV off without the remote?

Also - when’s the last time you charged up the remote?

Without the remote? Where did I say I didn’t have the remote? I turned off the Apple TV by pressing on the power button at the top right of the remote. Remote was recently charged up to full.