Can’t end ride on Apple TV

After using a PC initially, I’ve just set up Apple TV connected to a Toshiba 24” tv. Logged in to check it and all seemed fine except that I couldn’t use End Ride because the Menu button wasn’t accessible. I could only used the Back button. So I’m stuck on that screen and can’t exit Zwift on the tv. Any suggestions?

Do you mean the on screen “end ride” button was not available?
Could it be that you need to adjust the screen dimensions and maybe the buttons are off screen?
The Apple TV remote is pretty finicky and you have to use the touch scroll function to move around on the Zwift screen.

You need to press the Menu button on the Apple TV remote. Then the menu will come up and you’ll be able to select the End Ride button. Or have I misunderstood?

The End Ride button is there, to the right of the Back button, which is flashing. The > on the tv remote won’t move across to End Ride and using Back just toggles between the Ride screen and the screen which should include the Menu button. The Apple remote does the same. What I’m missing is the Menu button, which is not visible.

That doesn’t work. It just toggles between the Ride screen and the Menu screen which doesn’t show the Menu button, which I think is below the bottom of the screen.

I don’t think there is a ‘menu’ button available on the screen at which you are looking. What task are you trying to do in Zwift? If it is end your ride, just use the touchpad on the Apple remote to highlight the ‘End Ride’ option and you should be good.

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Try pressing the up button, then over to the side menu where Bluetooth option is and then go down to the End Ride button.

I’m new to the Apple TV box, which I received today with no manual. Is the Menu button really a scroll pad? Pressing it doesn’t seem to do much except toggle between the Ride screen and the screen I’m stuck on.

The only button that is available for use is the blue Back button, which is constantly flashing, and all that does is toggle the 2 screens.

Presuming you have the latest Apple remote, the semi-textured area at the top of the remote is a touchpad with which you can ‘scroll’ around the screen. You would use this at the start of rides, also, to move between the world selection options, in choosing a route, picking an event, etc.

I found the AppleTV remote function on my iPhone to be more intuitive… but yes, what @Nigel_Tufnel said is accurate.

Ah! Ok, I thought it was just a press button. I’ll have another go with it tomorrow. Thanks.

The Menu button is just a button. But the flar surface above the buttons is a touchpad. So use that pad to select the End Ride button once you’ve brought the menu up with the Menu button.

Brian - there is no up button on the ATV remote (not on the remote for Zwift-compatible ATVs).

Edit - what Nigel said.

@Steve_Hammatt the old silver remotes had directional buttons. I need to get with the times! lol

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Great - sorted, now that I know about the touch pad function. Many thanks to all 4 of you.

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I wish the current ATV remote had buttons!

I am pretty sure, the next generation ATV will be a killer :smirk:

Its good idea to get a silicon case for the remote, it doesn’t help the crappy scroll pad,
(Some cases grip a little too hard and stop you pressing ( to click) the pad)

but helps grip and stops you trying to use the remote upside down and quitting when you don’t want to !

there is a remote app for the iPhone, which is easier to use than the apple remote but unfortunately still relies on swipes not buttons.

I believe the swipe feature is programmed in by Zwift, as other bluetooth remotes with buttons won’t work.