Apple TV - how do I bring up Zwift menu during ride?

Easy to do with laptop but when using Zwift on Apple TV, I’ve never been able to figure out how to bring up the in-ride menu, and can’t seem to do with with Zwift companion either.

What is it that you’re trying to see? If you press the ‘Menu’ button it pulls up a screen with a lot of information, and access to Garage. Is that what you’re looking for?

Yes - I’ll try that again. I believe in the past, using the menu button has taken me out of the app altogether…

I use the Apple TV 4k for Zwift. The Apple remote is difficult to use effectively since the mini-track pad has poor response. Clicking this track pad once will bring up the blue action bar on the bottom, you then have to swipe across to highlight the function you want. If it is already highlighting the #1 camera angle, then each press (click) of the track pad will advance you to the next camera angle. It works, but it’s awkward to use in the middle of a crit when you most need to see what’s going on around you quickly. I’m thinking I’ll replace my remote with a blue tooth apple keyboard so I can just hit the number and get an instant camera angel change. It’s either the remote or the keyboard though, since ATV will not support more than 3 BT channels. I’m using a recently purchased Kickr Core for my trainer. Seems to pair seamlessly with my HRM and also pairs with the cadence/ power/ controller bits of information as required.

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You can use the Zwift Companion app to change the camera angle. I went into the settings of the Apple TV and change the touch pad settings to the slowest option. It makes it a little easier to navigate but I still dislike the ATV remote.

I used to use the companion app to change angles, but then the camera icon disappeared to be replaced with a square icon that seems to do nothing when I touch it. Not sure what I’ve done to disable it like that, but yes, I agree (when it’s working) it’s easier to use the companion app than accessing the angle through the ATV remote. If Zwift manufactured a handlebar mounted trigger just for the angle changes, I’d buy it.

Can u give kudos with the apple tv without the companion app?

I can’t figure out how to get in the list of names on the right side.

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With ATV you have to use the Companion app to give Ride Ons!

I’ve had the same problem. Zwift on Apple TV not user friendly at all.