Apple TV 4K Remote Shortcuts

hi guys, just bought an apple tv 4k just for zwifting :slight_smile: and confirmed that the clickable new gen remote is much handier with zwift indeed, yet there is just one in game shortcut which is super unhandy. and thats the clickable down button, if you click the down button directly in game, or in the menus even, the avatar turns back in the background game!!! it would be super handy to remove this down click shortcut from the game. if one wants to turn back they can do this easily by clicking the up button and choosing the turn back option. this will prevent accidental turns very much.

I only use the AppleTV remote to get started Zwifting. After that, the remote stays on the shelf, and any options I do in game are done with the Companion App.

hi Dan, how can you abandon the remote? companion app cannot be used to navigate menu options (like choosing other gear or seeing statistics)? or to end the ride and all options related to that, like adding people from the ride to your following list or to add/remove/adjust pictures? for all those, one needs the back key and the click/touch pad on the atv remote…? right?

@cozer78 - Like I said, I use the remote to get started.
As long as I’m happy with the bike I’m on, the remote goes on the shelf.
I occasionally use the remote to end the ride and the final menu options to exit Zwift, but more often than not, I’ll use the Apple Remote app, to name the ride, since you can simply type using the iPhone keyboard.