Giving Ride-On's

I’m using a mobile link when running Zwift.  I’ve yet to successfully give anyone a Ride-On with the app.  It is linked properly as I can see the riders, wave, elbow, turn at intersections, etc.

When I select a rider from the rider list, I can see the Ride-On button.  Clicking does nothing, press and hold and the button goes from orange to grey, however the ride-on is never received by the intended rider.

Is there supposed to be a message indicating you’ve given a Ride-On?  I’ve done this numerous times, but my Ride-On count is Zero when I look at my Achievements.

The blue ride-on button should change to grey when you press it in ZML.  

As an FYI, there is a known bug where ride-ons from ZML are currently not counting towards achievements. 

There will be a big blue thumbs up above the receiver’s head, that is all that will happen. You will not get any kind of real confirmation on your end of giving someone a Ride On.

It looks like you’re using an iPad 2, and we’ve received a few other reports of issues using that device. The Mobile Link app is designed for iOS and Android *phones* - it will technically run on tablets, but it’s not designed for them, so it could be related.

If you have a compatible phone you can use instead, I’d recommend trying that to see if it works there. 

Thanks everyone.

I run the software on my PC and link it to my television. I’m using an older iPad to interact to the program because the screen is larger.  I’m getting on in age, and my eyesight is not as good as it used to be.  Using my iPhone while spinning on the bike is challenging enough, especially switching between wearing glasses to use the phone and not to view the television.

I think I was successful yesterday giving a ride-on as the big blue thumb appeared, it took about 15 seconds to appear.  But I’m still not getting credit for providing the ride-on.  No big deal, it’s a nice to have, not a need to have as far as programming priorities.

Cheers Zwift and thanks for the motiviation :slight_smile: