No RideOns on screen

Dear Support Team,
in the last 2 rides i ve done i ve not seen any ‘ride on’ message on screen while i was ‘in game’. At the end of the ride i verified that i’ve received more than 10 rideon in game.

IN the last ride i asked a friend to send me i ride on (we were in a discord chat so i’m pretty sure about the exact moment he send that rideon) and i’m sure that no ride on messages were shown on desktop.

It is not a big problem but i’ve also noticed that i don’t receive the drops boost.

Can u please check?

Thank you in advance for the support



What is your Zwift set up? There are numerous threads on the forum indicating that it is a good idea to force-quit the app (Zwift and Zwift Companion) after each use to prevent this issue. I don’t have any idea as to why this is from a technical POV, but I can tell you that since I’ve been doing the force-quit on my iPad and Apple TV I have no longer had this issue. (I know you were using Discord to chat with your friend, but my guess would be that, in addition to not receiving the ride-ons, you were not seeing any on-screen chat, also.)


i use that pc only for zwift so every time i finish a session i turn it off completly (i also unplug the power cable).
This morning i have not used companion with zwift (my phone wasn’t connected to the wifi).

On screen i ve seen i think every other element: chat from other riders, xp points and so on.