Problem with Ride ons

Did a 90 minute ride today and didn’t get 1 Ride on! At least so I thought; when i finished and checked the companion app I had 40! A glitch? Never had that happen before. Anyone else experience this?

Interestingly a pal of mine took a KOM jersey but didn’t get the jersey. Shows in the companion app though.

Can you tell us about your setup? Using an iOS/iPadOS/TV OS device, perhaps? I have had this happen in the past when I did not force-quit both the Zwift app and the Companion app after each ride.

MacBook Pro as always. Got the XP’s for the route and the badge. It was just the ride one that didn’t show. My Jersey pockets were empty! Sad. I gave plenty of ride ons and I’m sure some close by gave them back. Wonder if they saw them enter my pockets?

And you are not using the Companion app along with your MacBook?

I did use it as I always do. As soon as I saved and exited I saw all the ride ons. It was 40; now it’s up to 53.

Well, if people give you Ride Ons AFTER the ride you definitely won’t see those during your ride. But if you’re not seeing any during the ride that would indicate an issue. Do you see chat messages during the ride? I have found that not seeing any Ride Ons during the ride goes hand-in-hand with not seeing chat messages. Both seem to be corrected by force-quitting the Companion app after each ride.

I did see chats and I always close
The app after the ride. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. It’s never happy before a d hopefully won’t again. Thanks.

Also I wonder if my sweat drops multiplied if I couldn’t see the ride ons.

I had a look at your ride @Bob_Paolini and most of your RideOns were given to you throughout your ride - strange that you didnt see them. Did you hear them?

I know this can happen if you hack your system to not “see” RideOns but you would know if you had done this. Interested to see if it occurs again.

I didn’t hear them and I certainly didn’t hack anything.

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Nigel and Dean, I’m happy to report that all is well in Watopia! I finished my ride with full pockets. Guess yesterday was just a Zwift glitch.
Thanks for you comments and chats.

Interesting glitch - thanks for the update Bob