My Zwift IPhone app will not go into game after I start

In the last week or so, occasionally in the last few months I start a ride on my computer but the app on my phone will not go into game mode. Nothing has changed with my network. My iPhone is logged into my home network and do is my computer. Any suggestions?

I can’t easily give ride ons and who doesn’t like to give lots of ride ons.

Hey Jerry, are you saying your Zwift Companion app will not sync to your ride? Have you tried force closing your Zwift Companion app when you are in a ride and then restart it to see if it syncs?

We also have a guide with some troubleshooting steps that may help as well:’t-pair-(cycling)-HJ5WR1ZHX

Yes that is exactly what I am saying. I have forced closed the app countless times. Today it worked but tomorrow it might not. I’m sure you have many people having the same issue they are just telling Zwift.


I did not find the option for Game Mode in the IOS app, do you know how can I do it?