Tacx Neo ‘Connection Failure’

Zwift has always worked flawlessly for me until recently.

I will be halfway through a race/ride and my Tacx Neo will totally disconnect. Showing ‘Disconnection Error’.

This is extremely frustrating.

When I go into ‘Menu>Pair’ it will suddenly reactivate the connection and weirdly start spinning up cadence without my input for 2-3seconds then disconnect again.

The only way to resolve for a longer period is to remove the trainer across all three boxes (cadence, power, controllable) and re add it in.

This solves it for longer, but the process can resume and disconnect again.

Please help resolve this. It is immensely frustrating.

(The Tacx is up to date on Firmware)

Can you provide more details of your setup?

For what it’s worth, some of the recent Zwift app updates caused sensor connectivity issues for many people. For me, on iPad, PC, and AppleTV, I had to completely uninstall Zwift, reboot the devices, reinstall Zwift and effectively start from scratch. It’s been working find on the latest app versions. (BLE and ANT+, across platforms)

EDIT - 100% make sure you’re running the latest operating system.

Thanks for the help CJ

Trainer is Tacx Neo V1 (Updated to latest firmware)
Use a Mac Laptop (OS Monterey V 12.6.2)
Use Zwift App (Updated to latest as of today)

Apple has just released a new OS. Will upgrade to that and see if there’s an improvement.