Oh no not another crash thread

Had the first crash in some time on the PC … things were going well on a freeride and then just poof crashed with no error window or anything … attaching the log but having looked at it no clues seem to be contained within it … there has been the newest version coming of zwift coming out on patching so maybe a gremlin … I just hope it does not occur during one of my workouts as having to repeat a workout to get all the star credit is frustrating … a free ride … meh my hour planned got cut short … oh well …

no ability to upload logs anymore shrug

You can contact Zwift support and tell them you want to submit logs. If you persist with the annoying robot you should eventually get there.

The other thing you could do is check in the Windows Event Viewer for clues about the crash.

Which GPU are you using? The first thing support will tell you to do is update the video drivers so you may as well check that.

I am experiencing the same issue. Will be riding along merrily when suddenly the game jyst disappears. PC stays on but game shuts down… are there any ideas as to why this would happen ?

Hard to diagnose. Some people seem to have success if they turn off the video screenshots feature maybe try that?

Other than that try installing the game and reinstalling which can sometimes get rid of some of the Gremlins in the machine!


Using the guidelines in this thread, please post more details of your equipment.