Can't get to "Paired Devices" screen

I can’t find the “paired devices” screen. I e-mailed support, they said it’s after I log on, but I get the home page (the one with activities listed) instead. Any ideas?

Hello Paul. We’re going to need a bit more info in order to assist. Start here: Guidelines for Seeking Support on the Forum

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It should appear before the menu screen.

Once at the home screen the pair icon will appear in the top right. See image below.
it’s the left most icon in the upper right section.

You can also access this from riding by hitting menu in the bottom left and pair on the right side

The home screen I have looks absolutely nothing like what is shown here. [See photo below, if it posted.] (I’m using the app on my Android phone, not a desktop . . . or is that the problem?) Nowhere, anywhere on the page or in the menu list is there a “pair” icon as on the above screen. (The closest I have is a “Zwift Hardware” icon. I tried pairing it under that, but it didn’t work.)

Hey Paul!

That’s the Zwift Companion App. (blue) It’s designed to work in conjunction with the main Zwift app (orange) as a controller of sorts. You can find the main Zwift app in the Android Play store, here:

Thanks. Unfortunately, when I clicked on that, it said, “Your device [a new Samsung A13] is not compatible with this app.” Guess that explains the problem! Oh, well, I tried. (Think someone’s trying to tell me I need to stick with “dumb training!”)