How to use Zwift on Android

I’m quite new to Zwift and tried to use the App on my XiaoMi MiPad4 (the latest of XiaoMis tablet devices). I could download it and it starts alright but it doesn’t show any possibility to interact. On my Windows tablet I am able to select training and events and take part not so on the Android tablet.
So in order to get more familiar with the app: Is there a kind of manual or how to to find somewhere?

What do you see? I’d expect a login screen. I’m already logged in, so when I start Zwift on my Pixel 2, this is the first screen I see:


If I hit the orange arrow, I get to the pairing screen:


right now I’m in the office. I will make a few screenshots in the evening and post them.


here the screens I see when opening the app:

I don’t see any introductory screen or the other one with the connected devices. Just this screen with events and connect and my rides I accomplished using my A.

That is the Zwift Companion App, you will need to download the Zwift App which has an orange icon (ZCA has a blue icon).

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Aaahhh - great! Thanks a lot for this information.

Although I believe it might be full at the moment as it’s a limited beta. If that happens you’ll just have to try again in a few days or weeks.

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Had no problem downloading it from the app store.

And already tested it as well - didn’t work out too well